Trond Tollin
Highway Connection

If It Ain't Country It Ain't Music


Highway Connection is a country band that was founded in Lillehammer the summer of 1986.

Highway Connection gained great popularity over the years in many parts of Skandinavia in the 80's, and also had the pleasure of "backing" artists such as Lynn Anderson, Arne Benoni, Skeeter Davis, Teddy Nelson,
Jill Johnson, Ottar "Big Hand" Johansen and many more.

Highway Connection also today as it once emphasized to present a varied repertoire in the traditional country style that would fit for every ear whether it would be to dance or a pure concert performance.

Highway Connection retrieves songs and inspiration from artists such as George Strait, Jon Andersson, George Jones, Alabama, Vince Gill, Exile, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams stating "If It Is Ain't Country, It Ain't Music "